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Investigating the human resource needs of the construction industry in Manitoba.


Provincial Mandate

The mandate of MCSC is to assist Manitoba’s construction sector by working with industry stakeholders to develop solutions to their current and future human resource needs. The Council’s primary goal is to upgrade skills throughout the industry, and promote the benefits of working in the construction sector, with emphasis on attracting individuals from under-represented groups.

Mission Statement

The Manitoba Construction Sector Council exists so that the human resource needs of the construction industry in Manitoba are advanced.

It is the goal of MCSC to investigate the human resource needs of the construction industry in Manitoba, and to then take effective steps to address those needs.

The Manitoba Construction Sector Council is a member of the Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils (AMSC). Learn more about them here.

Funding assistance provided by the Manitoba government.

MCSC Board of Directors

In January 2009, five partners joined together to form a new Manitoba council; committed to strengthening the skills of the province’s construction sector workforce. The Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) office is located at 1000 Waverley Street in Winnipeg. Representatives of the following organizations guide the activities of the organization:

Board of Directors 2015 - 2016

Chair: Gord Lee (Centre)
Acting Vice Chair: Andy Dutfield (Sitting Left)
Secretary Treasurer: Darren McCullen (Sitting Right)
Board Members: Jake Dethmers (Standing Left); Karen Roe (Standing Centre); and Chris Lorenc (Standing Right)
Absent: Ron Hambley and Sudhir Sandhu

The Staff

Carol Paul
Executive Director

La Donna Ogungbemi-Jackson
Director of Education & Training

James Murphy

Community & Youth Liaison

Ron Castel

Indigenous Liaison

Alex De Girolamo
Finance Manager

Rick Wang
Program Assistant

Carol strives to develop innovative approaches to adult learning with a focus on addressing the needs of underrepresented groups.

La Donna is a researcher, curriculum developer, and trainer who works with the MCSC team to meet the educational and training needs of the industry, schools, and the new workforce.

James presents to different audiences on careers in construction including: schools, immigrant settlement agencies, military in transition programs, employment centres, and Indigenous community agencies.

Ron is a consultant between industry and the Indigenous community, who bridges the gap between employers and individuals to increase the recruitment and retention of Indigenous workers in the construction sector.

Alex ensures the financial accountability of provincial and external funds to meet industry's needs. Also, he evaluates best practices in accounting and auditing for MCSC.

Rick assists MCSC staff to prepare training and presentation materials for program delivery, as well as developing and maintaining all program related databases.

Phone: 204 272-5092
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Phone: 204 272-5091

Upgrading skills throughout the industry, and promoting the benefits of working in the construction sector


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